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Bellcom Worldwide is now VITEL, part of the Neptis Group

Catia Gomes
Internal Account Manager

Catia joined Bellcom in June 2009 bringing a number of years B2B experience.

A native of Portugal, Catia was part of the expansion of Bellcom's European team.

Catia's previous B2B experience has been gained in the print and telecommunications sectors.  These roles were based in Scotland whilst servicing Portugal.

Before leaving Portugal, Catia studied Anthropology but is now keen to develop her business skills.  With support from Bellcom, Catia is learning Business English.  If this was not enough, she is studying part-time for a degree in Management and International Marketing.

"I love to work for Bellcom.  It is like being a part of a big, happy family where everybody is focused in having success but at the same time fun.  We celebrate many things including, birthdays, small deals, big deals, new colleagues and new clients.  This makes you want more and to never give up."


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