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Business Tips

A Guide to Telemarketing

This article provides some helpful tips for those considering a telemarketing campaign.

How to Create a Strong Case Study

When creating a strong case study, the first thing to remember is that your case should always have a problem for the readers to solve.

How to Coach 1-2-1 Effectively

In order to aid your coaching sessions, Bellcom Worldwide have developed 2 templates, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

5 Tips for a Great Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitches should be memorable, interesting and of course, last no longer than a short elevator ride (approximately 20 to 40 seconds).

7 Tips for Hiring Salespeople

While CVs are a helpful way of evaluating a candidate’s qualifications and experience, they don’t always translate directly when the person is in the job.

10 Questions to ask a Telemarketing Outsourcer

This article explores the questions to ask when choosing the right company to conduct lead generation and set appointments for your sales team.